Eden Project

The Eden Project is an unforgettable experience in a breathtaking location; a global garden; a place of beauty and wonder. Our world famous architecture and art draws inspiration from nature, our educational work is about creating a positive future in a world that is going to go through radical change, and we try to ensure everyone who visits Eden leaves knowing something more about their connection to the world. That’s the big stuff… Eden is also about simple pleasures; enjoying tasty food, rediscovering what puts the great into the great outdoors, imaginative play for children, taking time to stop and smell the flowers, having a good time.

Eden’s Rainforest Biome takes you on a fascinating journey into the humid tropical regions. (Remember to take a bag to put your jackets in – it gets very warm in here and in the upper reachs of the dome it can be very stifeling – but very much work the experience of a true tropical climate – even if it is raining and cold outside)

Eden’s Mediterranean Biome takes you through the Mediterranean-type climates.Not too hot in this dome but do have a good look around – you can easily miss some real treasures.

Over 3/4s of Eden’s planting is outside, which just shows you how much there is to explore. From the flowers you would be familier with through to the exotic plants of mountainous regions of the globe you will find a facinating veriaty of flora and fauna

The Core is the name of Eden’s Education Centre, which has lots to see and do.

Find out more about the hidden corners of Eden you may not yet have discovered. Whether you are on your very first visit, or an Eden regular make sure you don’t miss it.

Best advice is to get there early before the crowds arrive and you’ll find parking and traffic much easier – both comming and going. for more information visit the website at The Eden Project

Opening Times Every Day except Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Summer Opening: From 9.30am to 6pm (last entry at 4.30pm) . Later closing 8pm certain days during Summer. Winter Opening: from 10am to 4.30pm to be confirmed (last entry at 3pm) . Expect crowds at busy times. Our Tips for visiting. Wednesday’s are particularly busy, whilst the days at the end of the week including Sunday are often quietest. On wet summer holiday days the biomes can become very crowded. During the last two hours before closing you may be lucky and be one of few visitors remaining. Incidentally when the photographs on this page were taken. You should allow 2 or 3 hours for your visit. Check opening times before setting out. Getting There Follow the brown tourists signs from the A390 at St Austell and the A30 Bodmin Bypass.